About us

WhyNot was born from the idea of ​​Alessandra & Stefano, two young guys with a great love for their work and with a small laboratory in the heart of the Gulf of Poets in La Spezia. WhyNot presents itself, in 2014, as a new brand in the world of bijoux and accessories, for men and women, to all those who want to express their emotions by wearing them on their person. In 2018, after various collaborations with local and regional entities, WhyNot opens its first direct sales point in the historic center of La Spezia. A small boutique where you can personalize your style with all WhyNot's handmade accessories and where you can find a wide range of handcrafted items born from various collaborations with Italian designers. In fact, WhyNot is not just bijoux... coinciding with the opening of the store, the collections were expanded by adding artisanal leather goods and small emerging Italian brands.