Loyalty Program

Welcome to our "WhyNot Member" Loyalty Program

WhyNot Member is the WhyNot Loyalty Program, completely free, digital and usable both online and in-store. Points, discount coupons, personalized offers, special discounts and much more!

How to register?

Enrollment in the WhyNot Member loyalty program is automatic by creating an account with the requested data on our website www.whynotshop.it, or using a special form that can be collected at our sales point in Via del Prione 249 in La Spezia.

Accumulation of points

Points can be accumulated by making purchases of products both online and in the store. For every € 1.00 (one euro/00) spent, one point will be credited to the account which will be added, from time to time, to the points already acquired on the occasion of previous purchases. During the WhyNot initiative, you may decide to disburse additional points, even following the purchase of specific items on purpose

indicated by the presentation of coupons or in any case according to the methods that will be communicated from time to time.

Extra points

  • +10 points (ten) by subscribing to our newsletter
  • +20 points (twenty) by following the official WhyNot page on Instagram (@whynotshoplaspezia).
  • +10 points (ten) for sharing our story by mentioning us on Instagram.
  • +20 points (twenty) with the "like" on Facebook.
  • + 10 points (ten) by sharing one of our posts on Facebook

Using points

Following the delivery of the order, the relative points will be credited to your account in the form of a discount coupon. The aforementioned coupon can be used already from the next order. The use of a certain amount of points in order to get the
corresponding prize/benefit/discount will result in the subtraction of the same amount from the total amount of points accumulated.


If the points are accumulated without using them and upon reaching the threshold of 250 (two hundred and fifty) accumulated points, the account holder will be able to take advantage of an extra discount of €5.00 (ten/00) which will add up to the previously accumulated amount.

WhyNot Member Plus

Upon completion of the objective of 400 points you will reach the WhyNot Member Plus Level which will entitle you to receive an immediate discount for the next order as well as many initiatives reserved for our most loyal customers.