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Mad Tea

Bangle "All the best are crazy"

Bangle "All the best are crazy"


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"I'll tell you a secret: all the best are crazy!"


"I'll tell you a secret: all the best are crazy!"

This bracelet is dedicated to the Mad Hatter and represents a real eulogy to his madness, exuberance and sympathy which, in our own way, distinguish each of us!

Rigid steel bracelet engraved with the phrase "All the best are mad" inspired by the Alice in Wonderland "Mad Hatter" collection.




6.4cm diameter adjustable


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Mad Tea | Fairy tale bracelets

“Fairytale bracelets” is a collection of Mad Tea jewels made up of all the greatest Must Haves translated into nice rigid steel bracelets. Linearity and simplicity are contrasted with a great attention to detail, recalling all the most beautiful fairy tales of all time. Alice, Mary Poppins, the Little Prince and the Bla Bla Girls will accompany you every day to make you daydream!

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