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Mad Tea

Happy happiness necklace with “Gypsophila” flowers

Happy happiness necklace with “Gypsophila” flowers


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“Gypsophila in the language of flowers is a symbol of happiness and delicacy”

Suspended between heaven and earth, there is a secret place made of floral clouds and spring scents, where happiness dances lightly between the petals and delicacy envelops every corner of this enchanted world. It is here that the Gypsophila flower, with its ethereal beauty and sophistication, reigns supreme. Its white flowers represent the purity of the soul and are a symbol of pure and unconditional happiness that manifests itself in the simplest moments and in the kindest gestures.


Necklace with small shockproof glass sphere containing real dried and stabilized gypsophila flowers. A double-sided steel plate is mounted on the sphere with the word "HAPPY" engraved on the front and the gypsophila plant on the back.

This necklace is dedicated to you who see beauty in everything around you and can find happiness even in small gestures!


Each flower is an invitation to dream, to explore the infinite beauty that surrounds us and to let ourselves be carried away by the magic of the present moment. Gypsophila in the language of flowers is a symbol of happiness and delicacy


Natural dried and stabilized seeds, 316L steel, and Shockproof glass


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Length: 28cm - Pendant: 1.8cm in diameter

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Mad Tea | The Garden of Desires

Imagine walking along a path hidden among majestic plants and boundless meadows and suddenly, before your eyes, a dream scenario opens up: an enchanted garden full of colorful flowers with enveloping scents and wonderful plants. In this place it is as if time has stopped, suspended between magic and beauty, where flowers can bloom and shine forever.
Welcome to the garden of desires!
The new Mad Tea jewelry collection is an ode to the beauty of nature, an explosion of colors and shapes inspired by the most beautiful flowers.


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