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Mad Tea

"Fly with Mary Poppins" earrings

"Fly with Mary Poppins" earrings


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"Why walk when you can fly "


"Why walk when you can fly"

These earrings are dedicated to the most famous nanny of all time and her free spirit as a dreamer. Why walk when a simple umbrella is enough to fly??!

Stud earring with Mary Poppins and her little flower engraved with the word "Fly".


Steel and 18K gold plating


0.8 x 0.8cm / 0.8 x 1.4cm.


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Mad Tea | Fairytale earrings

Wear your fairytale!
“Fairytale earrings” is a capsule collection by
Mad Tea jewelry made up of the great Must Haves of
most beautiful fairy tales of all time. A line of sweet steel lobe ears where the attention to detail is small
dimension play together with gaudy colored enamels and
18k gold plating to convey all the emotion of
fairy tales: Alice and the Mad Hatter, Dream Big, the Little One
Principe and Mary Poppins will accompany you every day to make you daydream!

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