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Meraki Sailor Jewelry

Bahari ring in steel with anchor

Bahari ring in steel with anchor


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Signet rings are some of the oldest accessories in history
This silver-tone signet ring for men features an anchor design.
Made of surgical grade stainless steel, it is much harder to deform than rings made with precious metals and is scratch resistant.


Polished ring finished with a compass and 2 anchors. Anchors represent a solid foundation while the compass symbolizes guidance and direction. A reminder to stand still in the face of every storm.

Made of silver-tone stainless steel with golden details.




Various sizes available


Anchor: Stability, life, bonds: over time the anchor could only become a symbol of love. This object often takes on the meaning of fidelity in its representations: the anchor is firmly anchored to the seabed and gives the ship the stability it needs

Wind rose: Guidance and protection: the wind rose can give a sense of guidance and protection, as if to indicate which is the right way to go, physically and metaphorically speaking; sense of freedom: what, more than going on a trip, can give a sense of freedom?


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Meraki | Sailor Jewelry

Whether you are about to sail the seas around the world or just want to attract some attention, the clean lines and symbolism of an anchor, a rudder or a fish hook will help you elevate your style.

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