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Mad Tea

Bracelet "Always Shine"

Bracelet "Always Shine"

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MY Little star
Take your star and always carry it with you ⭐❤️
We all have a star that shines in the sky: My little star.
In the deepest nights, looking at the starry sky above us, a beautiful star always shines.
This little star represents everything that is important to us in our lives: a special person, a friend, our love, who, shining in the sky and in our heart, illuminates and protects us so that we never feel alone.
Always shine ✨


Always shine ✨
It is only on the darkest nights that the brightest stars are seen, and you are one of them.
Bracelet with a small star engraved with the phrase "Always Shine" and a bright crystal set.


Acciaio and Cristallo


Length: 21, adjustable. Pendant size: 2.5 x 2 cm


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Mad Tea

We all have a star that shines up there: My little star

The new Mad Tea collection is inspired by this little star that, taken from the sky as a gift, is transformed into a series of delicate steel jewels to always carry with us or give to the most important people in our lives. My little star is pure emotion, it is that caress that reaches straight to the heart to illuminate our dreams

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