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Mad Tea

Cinderella's carriage bracelet “Dreams are desires”

Cinderella's carriage bracelet “Dreams are desires”


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Dreams are desires ✨

When you make a wish, don't tell anyone. Not even to yourself.

Wishes come true when you forget about them!

This bracelet is dedicated to the sweetness of Cinderella's magic to live every day like in a fairy tale!

Packaged with shopper box


Bracelet with Cinderella's carriage engraved with the phrase "Dreams are desires" and a chain of colored crystals.


316L stainless steel and Crystal


Free standard shipping in Italy


Length: 21cm adjustable Pendant size: 2.5 x 2cm

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Mad Tea | Cinderella

The new Mad Tea jewelry collection is inspired by one of the most beautiful fairy tales of all time: Cinderella!
The new protagonist Mad Tea is a modern Cinderella who firmly believes in her dreams. It represents a tribute to tenacity, grace and resilience, which together with a pinch of imagination, contain all the very essence of dreams.
Wearing one of these jewels means immersing yourself in a world of magic and amazement where enchanted carriages, glass slippers and magic wands become necklaces, bracelets and earrings rich in meaning capable of transmitting all the emotion of this extraordinary fairy tale.
Each jewel captures the magic of the impossible and reminds us that every day can be a new page of a wonderful story, because if life gives you a pumpkin, make a carriage out of it


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