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Luca Barra

Couple bracelets in steel half heart Forever Together

Couple bracelets in steel half heart Forever Together


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Half heart steel couple bracelets engraved with "Forever Together"


Celebrate your eternal love with the "Forever Together" Steel Half Heart Couple Bracelet Set. These bracelets are the symbol of an unbreakable bond, with each bracelet bearing a half heart that is only completed when you are together, just like your promise to be "Forever Together"




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Women's bracelet length: 16 + 3.5 cm. Men's bracelet length: 18.5 + 3.5 cm. Half heart size: 12 x 24 mm

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Luca Barra

Our mission has always been the exaltation of personal style as an affirmation and expression of identity . We were born from a passion for tradition and for the beauty of shapes and materials, always told with originality and elegance. For us, jewelery is not a simple accessory , but an intimate choice that lights up and enhances the personality of the wearer, on every occasion. Every day we strive to inspire you: the heart that seals our bracelets and necklaces is there to remind you that you must always be yourself and not give up on making your dreams come true.


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