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Biker Skulls Jewelry

Cobra Angradar 3d snake necklace in steel

Cobra Angradar 3d snake necklace in steel


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Angradar 3D Cobra snake design necklace has many benefits, one of which is that it adds importance to a man's charisma.

Powerful, charismatic, elegant and with a certain wildness, this snake necklace for men will enhance you in the best way, all while giving you the audacity that makes you a dominant male.

It's time to let his style shine with this wonderful men's snake necklace in stainless steel

The pendant of this necklace, which represents the cobra, is the perfect pendant for a man, because the cobra represents power, and a man must be powerful in all circumstances.


Cobra Angradar necklace with pendant representing the cobra made of surgical steel




Cobra: The Cobra has the ability to destroy disease as well as a pattern of negative habits. The snake is therefore endowed with the power of life and death, and this makes it a symbol of immortality, infinity and power


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You will find rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings in a collection that draws inspiration from one of the historical icons of the world of riders, creating jewels with a unique and indistinguishable design.

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