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Picasso Jasper and Sodalite stone Ensemble men's necklace 6 mm

Picasso Jasper and Sodalite stone Ensemble men's necklace 6 mm


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Steel necklace with gray Picasso Jasper stone and 6 mm Sodalite stone, alternating with steel elements

Because natural stone is used, each bead is unique and each necklace is a one-of-a-kind piece.


Steel necklace with Ø 6 mm Sodalite and Picasso Jasper stones, alternating with steel elements


Steel, Picasso Jasper stone, and Sodalite stone


Stones Ø 6 mm - Length 48 ~ 53 cm


Sodalite: It is used as a talisman also thanks to its appearance, which recalls the starry sky. And it has always been used to represent a magical and spiritual dimension. In fact, it is a stone that calms thoughts and keeps fears and guilt under control.

Picasso Jasper: On a psychological and spiritual level, Picasso Jasper is a stone of initiative and courage. It gives imagination and a spirit of adventure, sharpens the senses and encourages action to achieve one's goals. Picasso Jasper helps to consecrate the energies of the body and mind to realize one's aspirations in daily life and those of spiritual life. Stone of authenticity and sincerity, it helps to remain true to oneself and one's life principles.


30 Grams


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Men's accessories are not for special occasions, nor are they reserved for a specific group of people. It's not about necessarily looking elegant or fashionable, but simply about telling your story by expressing what makes you unique. One way to do this is through the smallest things we wear, accessories! Ensemble designs quality, fashionable men's accessories at affordable prices


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