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Mad Tea

Earrings "How long is forever"

Earrings "How long is forever"


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How long is forever? Sometimes, just a second


Asymmetrical earrings featuring a small vintage pocket watch engraved with the phrase “How long is forever?” and a plate engraved with the phrase "Sometimes, just a second". Steel frame with crystal.


Steel and Crystal


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3.50 - 2.40cm

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Mad Tea | Alice in Wonderland

“How long is forever?”“Sometimes, just a second”

Cheerfulness, light-heartedness and a pinch of madness are all you will experience wearing the Mad Tea collection dedicated to the iconic character of the Mad Hatter and Alice.

A line of jewels full of nice details: cylinders, teapots and cups that will be able to project you onto the Hatter's table to celebrate your non-birthday with him, because after all, all the best are crazy!

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