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Mad Tea

Mad Hatter Top Hat Ring

Mad Hatter Top Hat Ring


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Happy unbirthday!

A happy non-birthday to me... to whom? To me or to you?

A happy non-birthday to you? To me? and to you? or me? Let's all toast together with another bit of tea... and many happy birthday to teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


Ring dedicated to the most eccentric character of Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter! A great praise to his figure, to his sympathy and to all the people who feel a bit like him, mad and nice!




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Mad Tea | Alice in Wonderland

“How long is forever?”“Sometimes, just a second”

Cheerfulness, light-heartedness and a pinch of madness are all you will experience wearing the Mad Tea collection dedicated to the iconic character of the Mad Hatter and Alice.

A line of jewels full of nice details: cylinders, teapots and cups that will be able to project you onto the Hatter's table to celebrate your non-birthday with him, because after all, all the best are crazy!

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