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Mad Tea

You are always in my heart earrings with “Forget me not” flowers

You are always in my heart earrings with “Forget me not” flowers


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MYOSOTIS: the flower of remembrance

“Forget-me-not in the language of flowers is a symbol of loyalty and an indelible memory”

Legend has it that a young knight and his beloved were walking along the banks of a river and he, eager to make a romantic gesture, bent down to pick a beautiful bouquet of blue flowers. However, he lost his balance and fell into the river, throwing the flowers at the girl, shouting "Don't forget me!". The young woman promised never to forget her beloved. Thus, the Myosotis became a symbol of eternal love, loyalty and indelible memory.


Earrings with small spheres in shockproof glass containing dried and stabilized flowers of myosotis also called "Forget-me-not". Frame with diamond steel chain and lobe crystal.

These earrings are for you who always carry someone truly important in your heart!


This delicate flower embodies the meaning of sincere affection and its small blue corollas rise gracefully, evoking the sensation of a delicate embrace that tastes of a sweet and profound love, that indelible bond that persists in the heart of each of us.


Natural dried and stabilized seeds, 316L steel, and Shockproof glass


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Length: 4.5cm - Pendants: 1.6cm in diameter

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Mad Tea | The Garden of Desires

Imagine walking along a path hidden among majestic plants and boundless meadows and suddenly, before your eyes, a dream scenario opens up: an enchanted garden full of colorful flowers with enveloping scents and wonderful plants. In this place it is as if time has stopped, suspended between magic and beauty, where flowers can bloom and shine forever.
Welcome to the garden of desires!
The new Mad Tea jewelry collection is an ode to the beauty of nature, an explosion of colors and shapes inspired by the most beautiful flowers.


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